Herbal Essences Hair Care

Herbal Essences Hair Care
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Soft, shiny hair in just 1 use*

Herbal Essences Reinvented

Soft, shiny hair as nature intended

With scrumptious fragrances, botanical extracts and heavenly, hydro-activated silkening ingredients, the Herbal Essences collections have been reinvented to make your hair super soft and silky after just one use*.

Take your hair to a tropical paradise

The new luscious collections are enriched with botanical ingredients to take you to a natural paradise.

We’ve given our entire range the ultimate makeover with ingredients like Hawaiian coconut & orchid, mandarin creme, red raspberry and pomegranate.

Sound good enough to eat? It’ll sure leave your hair feeling fuller and more satisfied than ever with deliciously floral and tropical fruity fragrances. Hello, hair heaven.

Silky smooth hair, a girl’s new best friend

Forget the diamond on your finger, it’s what your hair’s wearing that counts. Think smooth, think shimmery, think silk and pearls ‘cos they’re this season’s must-haves.

We’ve scoured the globe for the finest silks and added them to our new range. And for a touch of brilliance we’ve added a splash of pearl to leave your hair out-of-this-world soft and glistening after just one wash. Give it a whirl, you’ll notice the difference and so will everyone else.

Here at Herbal Headquarters we love you all – almost as much as our shampoos and conditioners love your hair- so you’ll still be able to find your favourite from our family– Dangerously Straight? Uh-Huh. Hello Hydration? Yep. A Long Term Relationship lover– that too. There’s a new Herbal Essences for every one of you and all of them are waiting to take you to a lush new paradise!

*vs. non-conditioning shampoo